Friday, August 1, 2008

I don't have a yard, but I do have Facebook

Every fall, I wish I had a yard so I could post a campaign yard sign (or two). If I did have a yard, I'd probably spend too much money this year buying user-designed yard signs from the My Yard Your Message site. The great thing is that they have created a Facebook application to go along with the physical signs, so I can post 'yard signs' on my FB page!

Check out the site - and if you have a yard, find your favorite and order it (for those of us who are yard-less!).

The other cool thing about this site is that it is part of Minnesota's UnConvention:

The Walker Art Center and will print the winning yard signs and place them in neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities metro area, including those immediately surrounding the site of the Republican National Convention. St. Paul neighborhoods that will serve as outdoor sign galleries include Dayton’s Bluff, sponsored by the District 4 Community Council, and the West Side, sponsored by the West Side Citizens Organization. Seward, organized by the Seward Neighborhood Group, will serve as the Minneapolis gallery neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

i will respectfully disagree with you here...i can't stand yard signs. the less i know about my neighbors the better...and the less they know about me the better too...this goes along with the theory that you shouldn't discuss politics, religion, or your sex life with your friends...if you intend on keeping them...A

hyperthought said...

you know i have no problem with any of that! ;)