Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's hope this site - included in the House version of the stimulus plan - will actually share the information being promised (and I hope it makes Dylan Ratigan happy - see below!)

From The Sunlight Foundation Blog:

The Internet has been recognized as having a central — even fundamental — role in enabling oversight and public access. The gap between public expectations and legislative initiatives has become significantly smaller, as Congress and President Obama recognize that a recovery or economic stimulus without a public Web site would be an immediate public disappointment — car without a dashboard, or a school without grades. Beyond that, we’re even seeing lawmakers and staff explore the positive aspects of realtime disclosure.

Okay, I have a little crush on Dylan Ratigan, but I agree with him every time he's on Morning Joe talking about "Google for Government"'s the clip I could find of him talking about it (skip past Jim Cramer, please! Dylan starts around minute 6:00).

Friday, January 9, 2009

Guess Sami is Smart to Host The Biggest Loser

Yes, I have watched soap operas since I was 7-years-old. I was sad when Another World was cancelled, but I understood. Now, it seems I am going to have to deal with the loss of Days of Our Lives (which I even stuck with during the horrible storyline of the demon-possessed Marlena - shutter). Seems they bought themselves another 18 months of production by cutting the actors who have played John and Marlena for, well, forever. But the storylines continue to bore and viewers continue to leave, and I guess my habit of watching on Tivo (I can get through an hour-long show in about 10 minutes!) and skipping commercials is not helping. Other than investing in better writers and directors - which will cost more money, I don't have an answer.

For now, it sounds like General Hospital is safe, but I wonder for how long...

(If you need an explanation for why I watch, other than habit, this is a pretty good explanation.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Which State Showed the Highest Jump in Teen Births?

Alaska. (please read with Sarah Palin's accent.)

Wonder if anyone has asked the governor about this news?

The latest numbers are from 2006...Alaska showed the greatest increase in teen birth rates (up 19%), while the District of Columbia reported the most dramatic decline in rates (down 24%). Overall, 26 states saw increases, which researchers are saying may mark the reversal to the progress that was made in the 1990s. (Heard that about anything else?)

My former boss is quoted in the USA Today article:

But now, the new state-by-state data gives credence to the idea that this marks the reversal of the downward trend, says Kristin Moore, a senior scholar at the nonprofit Child Trends.

"It occurred among teens 15-17 and 17-19 and among whites, blacks and Hispanics, and now we know it occurred in most of the states," says Moore, who has tracked teen births for 30 years. "It appears to be quite a general pattern, which makes me think it might not be a blip but a turn-around."

(I'm slipping from my news diet, I know.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

News Diet

I am going to attempt to 'unplug' for the, no blogging related to the news. Maybe I'll discover some other fun things to blog about!

Oh No!

I can't say I've decided who to back in the Virginia governor's race, but I do know that I will not be supporting Terry McAuliffe!

Whenever he talks, he makes me think he's trying to sell me something I don't need or want (and that probably won't work anyway). And in this sort-of announcement video, he nods his head A LOT - is that a sign of lying, like blinking too much?

And his use of "hope" and "yes we can" in the video is nauseating. He can not possibly be the best candidate for governor of Virginia. So, should I back Creigh Deeds or Brian Moran? Or is anyone else going to jump into the race?