Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What Does Hillary's Campaign Really Think about West Virginians?

Talk about elitist?!

SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV - The Hillary Clinton campaign is apologizing to a Shepherdstown woman after a campaign volunteer was captured on tape saying "West Virginians are poor."

Julie Corvo says the volunteer accidentally left the message on her answering machine after playing a taped message from Sen. Clinton.

"Hi. Hello? This is crazy," the volunteer said. "This person hung up. Maybe they think it's a bill collector. I bet it is. West Virginians are poor."

Here's the audio.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Morning news

It took a while for NBC to completely drive me away from the Today Show. It was my morning staple for years (with a minor diversion to Good Day LA while living in Los Angeles), but Meredith Viera does nothing for me and they have solidified their lineup of really only devoting the first 20 minutes of the now 4-hour-long show to actual news. I love Matt Lauer, but even he can't keep me watching this stuff...

And, I have now fully committed to what I see as the only alternative...MSNBC's Morning Joe. I find myself being a Morning Joe evangelist. It's all politics and news, with a little silliness thrown in - and, most amazing to me, I love Joe Scarborough!

If you are searching for TV news in the morning (I admit NPR is also a good alternative), give it a shot!

This post was inspired by another post on Deus Ex Malcontent:

This morning, if you made it past the fact that one of the lead stories on the show was a hard-hitting, two-and-a-half minute investigation into whether Britney Spears was reforming her image, and then past Meredith Viera cooing about how she'd been granted extra special access to Dick Cheney's home -- while keeping a straight face, mind you -- you eventually wound up being treated to a report that may have represented the final staggering triumph of hype over substance. The heavily promoted piece, fronted by the spritely Natalie Morales -- who may herself be nothing more than a CGI creation, the Jar Jar Binks of television news -- concerned the potential danger lurking in your medicine cabinet, compliments of Crest Pro Health mouthwash.

P.S. While getting the Good Day LA link, I see you can now watch it online...I may have to check out what sort of silliness they are up to! Ooooo, they are interviewing Kelly Pickler, ahhhhh, LA!

Thanks Hillary

Just a quick thanks to Hillary for reminding me to donate a little more to Barack Obama's campaign. During her odd "victory" speech last night she asked people to go to to donate to her, no, thanks though.