Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daily Kos Decision-Makers?

I'm curious why the Daily Kos decided not to let its contributors blog about the John Edwards' affair, but have allowed them to blog about this story about Sarah Palin's son potentially really being her grandson. How do they decide which 'tabloid rumors' can be discussed on their site?

Friday, August 29, 2008

God and Weather

Anyone remember that idiot "praying" for God to send a big rain storm on top of Mile High Stadium during Obama's speech? Well, seems God has other thoughts...see what happens when you pray for bad things to happen to other people! God, the universe, whatever you call "it" decided instead to remind us all - during the Republican Convention - of how the Republican administration treated poor Americans during/after Katrina:

NEW ORLEANS -- Fear and foreboding gripped this still-mending city Thursday as a potential Category 3 hurricane whirled toward the Gulf Coast on the eve of Hurricane Katrina's three-year anniversary.

Tropical Storm Gustav, which was lashing Jamaica after Haitian officials said it had killed 51 people there, was still almost five days away from the Crescent City, according to the National Hurricane Center. Projections varied greatly, putting its path anywhere from the Florida panhandle to southeastern Texas by Tuesday.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

President Schweitzer?

According to Kos, it's a possibility. I did like his speech last night, but he'll have to lose the bollo tie. Sorry.

UPDATE: I think Josh Marshall agrees. And more praise at Political Animal.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What are you collecting in Denver?

Someone I know (who will remain nameless) was collecting condoms at the Democratic Convention while I was on the phone with him this afternoon...and then I read this blog post about all the condoms being distributed...

I thought the most interesting part of the post was this:

Meanwhile, for all the talk of PUMAs, the most visible protesters are opposing abortion, with the mixture of fury-inducing lies and pity-inducing unhingedness that you often find in aggressive anti-abortion forces. It was pity-inducing to the point that I’m not posting video I shot, because it feels exploitive of a very sad woman – but then you hear the ridiculous claim that Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion person on, like, the entire earth, and the pity is mostly replaced by anger.

Who do you think is doing more to reduce abortion (never mind sexually transmitted diseases and general angst), the people handing out condoms or the ones screaming into bullhorns?

I know sometimes I feel (briefly) sorry for these crazy people too...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Boy

David Siorta's post says it best:

Does it always - ALWAYS - have to be about the Clintons?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain's Mansions

In case you haven't seen this...

I'm back from a mini-vacation, but work is crazy, so I may be a little quieter for the next week or so...

Friday, August 8, 2008

He Did It.

And the online community has been buzzing about for weeks, but the MSM is finally reporting: John Edwards had an affair while running for President and lied about it.

He admitted it to ABC News.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How the Media is (not) Handling Suskind's Allegations

I like Marty Kaplan. Read his take on the MSM coverage of Ron Suskind's new book:

When this came up on MSNBC, moderator Chuck Todd asked Politico's Mike Allen whether this would lead "the anti-war crowd" in Congress to call for impeachment. Allen replied that it would "give the lefty blogosphere something to grab onto."

And so, in less time than it takes to say "Dick Cheney," the subject is changed from what would be one of the most outrageous violations of the Constitution in the history of the Republic to a left/right issue.

Since I like Chuck Todd, I won't blame this on him though...his thoughts are all political, not investigative. It'll be interesting to see how other journalists handle it though.

Friday, August 1, 2008

For true political junkies...

Check out kos' update on the electoral race. Fascinating stuff!

For this edition, the tally is Obama 336, McCain 202.

I don't have a yard, but I do have Facebook

Every fall, I wish I had a yard so I could post a campaign yard sign (or two). If I did have a yard, I'd probably spend too much money this year buying user-designed yard signs from the My Yard Your Message site. The great thing is that they have created a Facebook application to go along with the physical signs, so I can post 'yard signs' on my FB page!

Check out the site - and if you have a yard, find your favorite and order it (for those of us who are yard-less!).

The other cool thing about this site is that it is part of Minnesota's UnConvention:

The Walker Art Center and will print the winning yard signs and place them in neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities metro area, including those immediately surrounding the site of the Republican National Convention. St. Paul neighborhoods that will serve as outdoor sign galleries include Dayton’s Bluff, sponsored by the District 4 Community Council, and the West Side, sponsored by the West Side Citizens Organization. Seward, organized by the Seward Neighborhood Group, will serve as the Minneapolis gallery neighborhood.