Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kid Nation

I watched the new show on CBS called Kid Nation this afternoon (it aired sometime last week). When I first read about the show, I thought it might be interesting, then it started getting bad press from the (bad) parents who signed their kids up for this experience: a group of 40 kids ages 8-15 (I think) live alone in an old deserted town for 40 days to see if they can create a working society. Any press is good press...I was even more interested in seeing how this worked and what the kids thought about it.

I give the first episode a thumbs up...I'll tune in for another week or two, as long as the annoying 15-year-olds shape up!

And, I love Heather Havrilesky's take:

I think kids are better off trudging around in the desert, tired and alone, with no one to turn to for comfort but other miserable kids. Doesn't that sound just like your first entry-level job? By lugging big buckets of water in extreme heat for hours on end, these children will gain an accurate sense of conditions in today's rapidly changing job market!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Does American Really Need More Ann Curry?

I don't know if anyone else has had the pleasure of watching the new 4th hour of the Today Show on NBC yet, but everytime I see it, all I can think of is The View. Do we really need another hour of this kind of programming? And with Ann Curry as a co-host? Yikes. I'm sure Ann Curry is a very nice person, but she is such an awful interviewer and ad-libber. She doesn't need more screen time.

Just my morning TV rant for Today.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fall TV

I can't watch news all the time (I already have depression issues!), so I am getting excited about the new fall TV shows.

Now, I get excited every year and am often disappointed...but I'm hoping, like always, that this year will be different. Afterall, we just had a great summer of new TV - and I wasn't expecting that! I'll soon miss The Closer, Damages, Psych, Monk and Top Chef.

But, I'm looking forward to Pushing Daisies (ABC), Chuck (NBC) and the return of some of my favorites like The Office, 30 Rock and Grey's Anatomy (with some improvements, I hope)!

Our President's Strategic Thought

See my latest post on Plunderbund.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Clash of pathos, hypocrisy and ridiculousness"

I have to agree with Josh Marshall on both points: This is not the best part of me either, and I am looking forward to the 'clash' as well.

Perhaps this is not the best part of me. But I must confess that quite apart from the larger issues of public and private, public acceptance of homosexuality and Republican politics, I am in favor of an aggressive defense on Craig's part simply because I cannot resist the novelistic clash of pathos, hypocrisy and ridiculousness of seeing Craig's effort to 'clear his good name' torpedoing the White House's September Petraeus propaganda campaign.