Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What are you collecting in Denver?

Someone I know (who will remain nameless) was collecting condoms at the Democratic Convention while I was on the phone with him this afternoon...and then I read this blog post about all the condoms being distributed...

I thought the most interesting part of the post was this:

Meanwhile, for all the talk of PUMAs, the most visible protesters are opposing abortion, with the mixture of fury-inducing lies and pity-inducing unhingedness that you often find in aggressive anti-abortion forces. It was pity-inducing to the point that I’m not posting video I shot, because it feels exploitive of a very sad woman – but then you hear the ridiculous claim that Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion person on, like, the entire earth, and the pity is mostly replaced by anger.

Who do you think is doing more to reduce abortion (never mind sexually transmitted diseases and general angst), the people handing out condoms or the ones screaming into bullhorns?

I know sometimes I feel (briefly) sorry for these crazy people too...

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