Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's hope this site - included in the House version of the stimulus plan - will actually share the information being promised (and I hope it makes Dylan Ratigan happy - see below!)

From The Sunlight Foundation Blog:

The Internet has been recognized as having a central — even fundamental — role in enabling oversight and public access. The gap between public expectations and legislative initiatives has become significantly smaller, as Congress and President Obama recognize that a recovery or economic stimulus without a public Web site would be an immediate public disappointment — car without a dashboard, or a school without grades. Beyond that, we’re even seeing lawmakers and staff explore the positive aspects of realtime disclosure.

Okay, I have a little crush on Dylan Ratigan, but I agree with him every time he's on Morning Joe talking about "Google for Government"'s the clip I could find of him talking about it (skip past Jim Cramer, please! Dylan starts around minute 6:00).

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