Thursday, July 31, 2008

The best little house race in Texas?

I had no idea that the Democrats in Texas only need to pick up 5 seats in November to take control of the Texas House!

This looks like a possible pick-up for Democrat Sherrie Matula. Her opponent, incumbent Republican John Davis, is getting some fundraising support from non-other-than Karl Rove (unless he's in jail) on August 12th in Houston. Wonder if more protesters than donors show up to that one?

Anyway, the latest news is that Davis spent more than $1,500 on a pair of boots - paid for illegally with campaign donations. How many people in his district could (or would!) spend that much on a pair of shoes??

If you want to support his opponent, go to Act Blue and give her a few bucks. Maybe on the 12th, in honor of inmate Rove?

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