Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hillary Beats McCain in Florida

As Keith can tell anyone, this is the point I was making last night as we watched the vote totals come in. I couldn't believe the media wasn't picking up on the fact that Hillary got 100,000 more votes than McCain in the "red" state of Florida, and that almost as many Democratic voters came to the polls as Republicans...the Dem's didn't even campaign there!

From the folks at Daily Kos:

First, let's begin with actual results. With 95% of the vote reported, the current tallies show a total of 1,655,220 Democratic votes and 1,872,684 Republican votes. Every Republican fought as hard as he could for the win in Florida. The Democrats—since the DNC won't seat Florida's delegates because they flouted the schedule—didn't really compete in the state, with only Hillary Clinton making any campaign appearances, and none of our folks spending any significant money. Yet with this possibly the make-or-break contest for the Republicans and a probably meaningless "contest" for the Democrats, 47% of the people who cast ballots in Florida voted for a Democrat. Hillary Clinton received over a 100,000 more votes than John McCain, Barack Obama got almost as many votes as Mitt Romney, and John Edwards wasn't far behind Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee.

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