Sunday, February 3, 2008


Bobby Kennedy was killed several years before I was born, but as a political junkie (and a Democrat from birth), I've always held him in high regard (even more so than JFK). The more I learned about Bobby Kennedy, the more I believed our country would be a different - and much better - place today if he had lived and been able to lead and inspire our nation.

As anyone who is paying attention knows, the Kennedy family has begun splitting their support between Clinton and I see that even Bobby Kennedy's family is splitting their support. That must be making for interesting family phone calls!

This is from Rory Kennedy's op-ed yesterday in the San Fran Chronicle, about what her mom (who has also publicly endorsed Obama) says comparing Obama with her husband:

Ethel Kennedy said of Obama: "I think he feels it. He feels it just like Bobby did. He has the passion in his heart. He's not selling you. It's just him."

UPDATE: I posted this before I read the Outlook section of the Washington Post today...check out the photos they selected for their "Talking 'Bout Our Generations" story!

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