Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Post #101

Does Hillary think that being bitchy is going to win her more votes? I thought her campaign thought working up some tears was more strategic...

She thinks Obama is "frustrated" because he's come in second in a couple of the primaries? Is she kidding?

Maybe he's frustrated because she and Bill are lying about him, his record, his words, etc., etc. I'm frustrated with them!

Obama does need to find a surrogate who can keep battling it out with Bill on the sidelines so he can get back on message and above the fray...

P.S. According to blogspot, this is my 101st blog post!


John said...

Well, I must admire my own skills in prophecy. I predicted if the Democratic race is close, we'll start hearing about Obama's ties to corrupt people in Chicago, and at that last debate my prophecy came true.

Chicago, Cook County, and the State of Illinois governments are as corrupt as any third world country. That's just the way things get done out here. Not many people complain because things are well-run, but that is how it is.

While I highly doubt Obama himself has done anything wrong, it would not take 3 seconds for researchers to find a rat somewhere he had dealings with, and so they dig up Tony Rezko the slumlord who everyone here has dealt with in some way.

My goodness I am as lowly as they come and even I had dealings with a CEO, now in Federal Prison, who had close ties with Mayor Dayley and everyone else of political importance. It's just the way it is.

Political watchers in the Chicago area have always felt it would be tough for someone to come from our area and attain the Presidency. There is a reason Illinois has not had a President since Lincoln (and he did a pretty good job).

Hope you are well!

hyperthought said...

It's amazing to me that the Clintons would bring up any sort of corruption angle themselves - why not let someone else from the campaign do it? All I thought of was Whitewater and all the corruption allegations that swirl around them. Do they really want to remind us of that stuff? I'm not looking forward to the next Clinton special prosecutor on January 21, 2009!