Thursday, June 28, 2007

TV News

I've been traveling for a few days, but have been catching up on fall TV news. My reactions to the two latest announcements:


'Veronica Mars' Star Basks in CBS' 'Moonlight',
Vampire drama woos Jason Dohring
In one of the oddest pieces of recasting you're ever likely to see, Jason Dohring is joining CBS' "Moonlight."

That's the best ABC can do??
ABC renews Belushi's 'According to Jim'
LOS ANGELES -- After mulling the fate of "According to Jim," ABC decided to bring the James Belushi sitcom back next year. The network said Wednesday it has ordered 18 episodes to air in midseason.


John said...

Man...According to Jim is so bad.

Joseph said...

Logan Echolls... you're so dreamy.


hyperthought said...

Glad you think so too! :)