Monday, April 7, 2008

The Flu Shot (and the health risks of blogging)

Okay, I did not get the flu shot this year. I just kind of forgot about it. Well, I've been sick for three weeks now! I was starting to feel better after basically sleeping for a week, then I started feeling bad again and my fever came back. I finally went to the doctor and was told I probably had a new virus on top of the one I was just getting, I went home and went back to bed.

Now that I'm again starting to feel better - although I now have a nasty cough - I am reading a little news about the flu this year. Did anyone else know that this year's flu shot is only effective against one of the three strains going around this year? The job of predicting which strains are going to hit has to be tough, but is that the best they could do? Is the same guy predicting the shot for next year?

So, I wonder if I would have avoided any of this illness if I had gotten the flu shot...doesn't seem likely. Maybe the flu shot is all just a marketing gimmick to give more money to big pharma...

That was a long way of saying, "I haven't blogged in weeks because I haven't done anything in weeks."

Hopefully, I'll feel like blogging again soon...of course the NYT is saying blogging may be bad for my health!! Guess it's a good thing I only do this for fun!

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