Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More on Imus

Okay, I really am going to start ignoring the All-Imus-All-The-Time stuff, but I thought I'd link to one more blog post:

The Walkman, Imus, Racism, and My Being an Insensative Smart Ass White Guy

I don't know who this Horowitz guy is, but I think I like his friend Ed Lawson! (even though he has a lot of typos)

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AberrantEquation said...

Who watches/listens to Imus anyway?

He just talks and talks and talks- then people call in and they talk- and then he talks some more in that boring, boring voice. Jeez- I'm getting bored and sleepy just thinking about it.

I am suprised anyone listening to his program was awake enough to hear him makes those stupid comments.