Friday, April 27, 2007

The Democrats

I have to say I was thankful that Kucinich and Gravel were included in the debate last night (even if they were put in the corner). Gravel is a little nuts and Kucinich, well, I love Dennis...

Without them in the debate last night, it would have been a real bore!

As for the rest...
Richardson: long-winded and sweaty
Edwards: still my fave of the current crop
Biden: should stay in the Senate
Obama: needs more time before stepping onto this stage...did you see how he let Kucinich and Gravel engage him on Iran? wow.
Clinton: I nodded off during at least one of her answers
Who else?...Oh, yeah, Dodd: obviously, he didn't make much of an impression on me last night

And Brian Fidel Castro really on anyone's mind these days?! That was the most irrelevant question of the night!

UPDATE: I take back my comment about Dodd. I did love his answer about civil unions! I'm proud he's a Dem...


Madelyn said...

I liked Dodd's comment, too.

My favorite Gravel rant, I mean comment, was when he railed on the Military Industrial Complex. I'm glad someone was up there throwing out challenges.

And yeah, the Castro question was ridiculous, but otherwise, I very much liked Williams and his questions.

I am now looking forward to the Republican debates. Brownbeck should be good for some laughs, and I am still intrigued by Duncan Hunter (minus the build a wall to keep out the Mexicans crap).

hyperthought said...

I sort of felt like Gravel was up there for all of us who are so frustrated with the canned, safe answers that don't actually move the coversation forward. The military industrial complex comment was a great example of that! The status quo makes many of us a little nuts!

I also liked what he said about getting to the Senate...the first six months you can't believe you are there; and after the next six months, you can't believe the rest of them got in!