Friday, December 21, 2007

How things look in Iowa

The Iowa caucuses are weird and interesting...especially on a year with no real clear front runner in either party. I thought this blog post from Iowa was really interesting and shows how up-for-grabs the votes really are there. My bet is on Edwards winning the caucuses - and maybe by a significant margin. Clinton will come in 3rd at best.

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Iowans Discuss What It Means to Support, And Then Support Again

Call it a testament to the seriousness of Iowa politics. Blame it on a field of so many acceptable candidates. Credit an Iowa caucus season that has now spanned two years. Regardless of reason, it's the stuff that drives pollsters and campaigns crazy: supporters realizing they're no longer sitting in a comfortable chair.

Nine Iowans have agreed to put their thoughts on the record and describe how they came to support one candidate -- and then another. Finish reading...

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