Tuesday, November 6, 2007


My favorite tidbits about the Writers' strike:

1) Jon Stewart is paying his writers from his own pocket for the next two weeks (love him!!) - UPDATE: this may just be a rumor...check the link for updates from Portfolio.

2) A group from the Laborers Union came to show the writers how to picket - there were cheers of "No moolah, no ha-ha!"

3) I might actually have time to catch up on TV shows! The first season of Friday Night Lights and the series Wonderfalls are each in my Netflix que...as well as the TV show Grosse Pointe, starring one of my friends :) If it goes on longer, maybe I can even catch up on movies! (John - thanks for catching my typo!)


John said...

Wait wait wait. Do you mean the movie "Grosse Point Blank" starring the Cusak's? Or the show "Grosse Point" staring Mr. Kohl?

If it is the latter, "Grosse Point" is on DVD? Yay!

hyperthought said...

The latter - yes, Grosse Pointe and Kohl are on DVD! Add it to Netflix today!