Friday, May 25, 2007

Daily Kos to DCCC: "Go to hell."

As many of my friends and family already read in an email from me today, I could not believe the gall of the DCCC in trying to use yesterday's retreat as a fundraising opportunity. I'm now starting to read other blogs and see that I'm not the only one who was disgusted.

You can read all about it on the Daily Kos.

UPDATE: Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) is the chair of the DCCC and he even voted against the legislation...I am so confused...


Anonymous said...

There seem to be two plausible explanations for the DCCC approach. One, they truly believed that “Victory” was theirs as they stormed out of the Capital. They had closed the little "Blank Check Book of Destruction” on the scurrilous over reaching fiend. Never noticing that in their haste to join the country in remembering the fallen, they had somehow mislaid the tricky little book. “Where could it be?” they pondered. “Surely I didn’t leave it on the corner of the Presidents desk… Surely not!” they thought as they crinkled their little brows. And then, the dread deepened, creeping out from the back of their troubled brains comes a new thought, “Oh! Oh! Where is my pen?”

Well, maybe not so plausible, surely not. Then it must be two. They must be trying something new. They’ve adopted a tried and true strategic communications best practice lifted skillfully from non-other than the R N C. It goes like this: When faced with an insurmountable immeasurable unpleasant fact, truth, or eventuality, lie, but do it with Vim and Vigor! Make it audacious, enormous… UNPARRALLED!
Then you wait for some feckless dolt to question your new truth. And you descend on him (or her) with such righteous indignation that he (or she) wets themselves.

What do you think?


hyperthought said...

That second one sounds like as good as explanation as I can come up with!

But if Bush and company couldn't make me wet myself, I don't think the geniuses at the DCCC can either!